Languages Unlimited ASBL is a non-profit language association, which has successfully been providing quality language training in Brussels since 1994. We have offered our services to members of parliament, embassies, large and small companies, people starting their careers and those in very senior positions; we have even had princes as our valued clients.

Brussels is an exciting city in which many of the realities of the Europe of today started right here. We have had the pleasure of assisting a multitude of people throughout the years communicate in the best possible way their projects, ideas and visions, presenting themselves and what they stand for.

To communicate when what you have to say may influence the future of people you care about and may have an effect on local, regional, national and international economies, requires experience, clarity of content and appropriate structure and intonation. We have been assisting and training our valued ‘members of Languages Unlimited’ for 30 years and would be honoured if you too would put your trust in us.